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I ran out of bags for separate collection. What should I do?

You should call the freephone number. Our operators will guide you to the nearest bag supplier. Otherwise, by sending a specific request on the “Get in touch with Monteco” section on our website, you will be delivered a new supply of bags right at your home.

What happens if a collection day is scheduled during a public holiday? Will the waste collection service still be guaranteed?

Wastes will be collected the day before or the day after the public holiday or strike depending on the availability of the facilities.

How do I dispose of dentures?

Throw your dentures into non-recyclable bins.

Today it is very likely to find in supermarkets food packs made of aluminum on the one side and plastic on the other side. How can I dispose of such wastes?

Since they are made of different materials they should be thrown into non-recyclable bin. But it would be better always checking the symbols printed on the package, which indicate the materials composing the pack. The symbol CA stands for paper or cardboard; ALU, FE and ACC stand for ferrous materials which can be recycled with metals; while the symbols PET, PE, PP, PVC and LDPE stand for plastic materials.

How do I dispose of burnt out light bulbs?

Light bulbs are made not only of iron and glass but also of other non-recyclable components, so they should be thrown into the non-recyclable bin.

Can I put broken glasses and broken carafes in the glass recycling container?

Pieces of glass can be disposed of in the glass recycling container, while instead windscreen glass, reinforced glass, wired glass, crystal glass and mirrors cannot be recycled.

How can I dispose of polystyrene boxes?

You can throw polystyrene boxes in plastic recycling containers.

How can I dispose of x-ray or body scan results?

Such items coming from private and domestic use can be thrown in non-recyclable bins.

How do I dispose of telephone cables?

Cables can be disposed of into non-recyclable bins.

How can I dispose of drink boxes (e.g. tetra-pak boxes)?

Drink boxes can be thrown into paper and cardboard recycling containers. Please always remember to empty and crush them before disposal, in order to reduce their volume.

Can I throw food wrapping paper into paper or cardboard containers?

Food wrapping paper (like the one used to seal cheese, cold cuts, etc..) cannot be thrown into paper recycling containers because it is waxed. It should be disposed of into non-recyclable bins.

How do I dispose of toothpaste tube?

Toothpaste tube is a plastic container, so it can be disposed of into the plastic trash can.

How do I dispose of syringes and insulin needles?

You can throw them into the non-recyclable bin after recapping the needle. Please remember not to throw such items into plastic recycling containers since they are not recyclable and can be potentially harmful for waste collectors, who manually sort recyclable wastes.

I have lost the calendar of collection days. What can I do?

Please contact the freephone number or send a written request via the "Get in Touch with Monteco” section on our website.

How do I dispose of empty toner, inkjet or laser cartridges?

Cartridges from domestic use can be disposed of by calling our freephone number and booking a free door-to-door collection. Such items can also be disposed of in any Waste Collection Centre (if located in your town), otherwise you can send a specific request to Monteco, using the “Get in Touch with Monteco” section on our website.